A Solid Foundation

All fine architectural values are human values
— Frank Lloyd Wright


Stability begins with a solid foundation. For W&O, that foundation is our uncompromising values. We believe the way to avoid buckling under pressure is to know what we stand for.


Dependability is earned every day.  It is the fragile product of integrity, capability, discipline, performance, communication, and a firm commitment to deliver consistently and keep promises.


A personal investment of self is the raw material of excellence. The team at W&O views every construction we manage as a reflection of who we are and how much we care.


Finding level between efficiency and excellence is key to construction management. A masterfully managed project is a balance of responsible decisions and passionate performance.


Precision is a measure of skill. Every member of the W&O team takes great pride in being good at what they do – down to the smallest detail.


Teamwork is the mortar that binds W&O together. We rely on maintaining a tight crew of professionals to reach our high standards.


For over 54 years, W&O has been honored to share in the growth of communities across Tennessee. We feel great joy in building beautiful structures and strong relationships.