Safety Saves

On the surface, safety may appear to be an internal matter. However, costly accidents can lead to a loss of equipment and talent at the time they are needed most, which affects both the project budget and time line. On the positive side, workers in a safer environment are less stressed and more passionate about their work.

For these reasons, safety has become a part of W&O's work culture. Safety is integral from the design phase through the entire construction process. Safety even impacts our decision to purchase certain types of equipment.

Maintaining a safe work environment on a busy work site requires hours of safety training and certification as well as a commitment for each person to adopt safety-conscious work habits.

Safety Supervisor

W&O's on-staff Safety Supervisor has undergone extensive safety training and has earned teaching certification in OSHA requirements, CPR, First Aid, Level 1 & 2 Erosion Control, forklift operation and many other trade skills. Our Safety Supervisor is focused on making sure our team of superintendents are always looking for ways to improve their safety practices.


Every W&O superintendent is trained to setup and maintain a hazard-free job site. Our superintendents are always scanning the job site for little things that can make a big difference in the safety of their team. Every week, they hold safety meetings with their team to cover concerns and updates.

Annually, W&O holds safety meetings where superintendents receive First Aid, CPR and Drug Free Workplace training.